Everquest II Characters

The Grayhaven of Later Norrath


Hawke - Level 70 Illusionist

Swift - Level 70 Swashbuckler

I was one of the first plucked from the water and brought ashore after the Great Cataclysm on the 8th day of your November, 2004. Once I was an Enchanter in the tradition of the wondrous Panter Grayhaven . . . who may well still exist in a parallel Norrathian universe. Now they call me an Illusionist. Bah! I can cast no meaningful illusions, I can no longer enchant base and precious metals with mystical qualities. I can no longer bend the mind and will of the beast to do my bidding and serve the ends of my party.

My weakened powers can still enhance the mental and magical acumen of my friends, and are yet sufficient to stun, stifle, and mesmerize those who oppose us . . . even the stongest who call themselves Epic, those but briefly. While my powers have grown since the rediscovery has begun, they are infrequently required and all too often others are deemed more worthy to occupy the limited spaces on raiding expeditions.

And so I spend much of my time here at Grayhaven Hall awaiting the infrequent calls, and working with the elders to expand Enchanting powers so we can once again occupy our rightful place among the Raiders who defend the honor of Norrath.

I was born of the Grayhaven and came ashore in your year of 2005. But when Striker stayed missing, I kept both fortune and name as they suited me well. It is simple fact, not pride, to say that both now dwarf their humble origins.

My accomplishments are legion, but they are not mine alone. Hawke made the way in our new lands easier for all Grayhaven. Whether they be Erudite as Hawke, or Half-Elf like me. And Hesper as well . . . who would guess that a Hobbit would stray far enough from the dining table to partner in so many adventures. And the many Guildmates of Timeless. They all gave me much, and all remains at their service.

I have learned much of our new life in Norrath. Enough to know that Qeynos suits my purpose as well as any other home.They call me Swashbuckler here, but a rogue is a rogue is a rogue. And the view from where I work best never changes.

Men may be strong but they simply aren't vicious enough.

Backstabbing is a job for a woman.

Hesper - Level 70 Fury

Karwin - Level 70 Necromancer

I am but a simple Hobbit, a humble Priest who follows closely in the Druidic tradition of the legendary Panzak Grayhaven. I came ashore closely behind Sister Swift. I am a healer, but - like Panzak - I can coalesce the strands of Nature's Power and direct them against our enemies whenever needed. But Swift is correct . . . only the needful call of kin by blood or guild will drag me far from the pleasures of, say, second breakfast.

Most of my Adventures find me paired with another Grayhaven. However, on many occasions more healers are required and then I will gladly join the Epic Raids of Timeless.

Until then I spend much of my time here at Grayhaven Hall with Hawke . . . awaiting the call . . . but tickled to the bellybutton to work with the Elders on preparing our next meal.

When I came ashore in 2006, the Grayhaven were firmly establish in Qeynos. Now, don't get me wrong: Hawke is wise, Panzak is sweet, Swift is a stone-cold killer . . . but Qeynos is soooooo boring.

While the other Grayhaven whine and complain about the good ol' days, a new Norrath is a new opportunity, right? Well, if you want to be a Dark Elf killer, and you have to compete with Swift . . . I figured I'd live in Freeport and try something new.

The forces there are different, but no less useful if you're willing to dive in and embrace the Dark Arts. The energy of the dead is like simply amazing! I can pull it out, shape it . . . name it Swift for kicks . . . then send it on my bidding. It's so fun! And when I face a dead or undead creature . . . just waggle a finger . . . Poof! . . . an enemy turned into an ally! Boy, does *that* piss Hawke off.

Never alone, always unencumbered, a gal just doing what a gal has to do.

Sherin - Level 70 Brigand

Asca - Level 66 Inquisitor

Swift is cool, and one of the very best at what she does. So when I came ashore in late 2006, I wanted to be like her. But better . . . OK, OK, maybe just different.

A rogue's work is never done. Damaging the enemy is our main game. But we have other ways to hurt the bad guys, too. Don't let Swift fool ya, there's a soft spot there . . . somewhere. That's probably why she chose to focus on dealing damage that also reduces our enemies' ability to damage us.

I'm only Human. I decided to look at it differently and keep Karwin company in Freeport. The quicker the enemy dies, the less he hurts us too! So, I chose the types of damage that weaken the enemy so that my friends can do much more damage.

Look, I agree with Swift . . . we gals make superb backstabbers. But I am out to prove my way is more efficient.

Me? You want to know about me? Why?

Sherin is good, but a little overexuberant at times. I do all that is Humanly possible to keep her alive . . . and sometimes it's more than any Priest would bargain for.

She gets the attention, I follow her from our base in Freeport and patch her up. No fanfare. Little gratitude. Typical, eh?

Everquest I Characters

The Grayhaven of Norrath


Panzak - Level 65 Halfling Druid

Panior - Level 65 Warrior

Panzak was born in Rivervale on November 16, 2001. Like most other Hobbits, his first forays into the world of Norrath were into Misty Thicket to test himself against animals and insects, and later the Orcs and the Goblins that inhabit the area beyond the guarded wall. As a pre-teen, Panzak joined forces with other young warriors in the Northern Desert Of Ro, helping keep the Dervish forces in check, and occasionally thinning the alligator herd that is an ever-present menace to the Docks that permit travel to the Iceclad Ocean.

Panzak grew into young adulthood patrolling the Northern and then Southern Plains of Karana, graduating from melee combat with spiders to pure-magic user against the Griffons of the North and then the Aviaks and Gnolls that inhabit the Southern Plains. Notably, it was against the Gnolls of Split Paw that he first joined the fighting that often takes place hidden deep beneath the surface of Norrath.

Panzak realized that he was too poorly equipped to fight effectively against the stronger foes he now faced. So he travelled to Rathe Mountains, and made hundreds of forays against the strong and intimidating Hill Giants. While larger and a more dangerous quarry than the Gnolls, the richly-lined pockets of the Hill Giants allowed him to acquire arms and armor with many magical qualities that improved his ability to work his magic against his enemies

Now in his mid-40's, Panzak established himself in the Eastern Wastes of Velious. He fought long and hard but in the end unsuccessfully to remove the Ry'Gorr Orcs from the Coldain Camp near the Great Span to Iceclad. Latest reports indicate the Orcs still occupy this camp, but they have paid dearly for the privilege and one wonders how long they will see it a worthwhile holding. Ultimately, Panzak fought against all of the enemies of the Coldain Dwarves; the Ry'Gorr Orcs, the hated Frost Giants, even the Ulthork Hunters and Warriors along the northern and southern coasts.

Ultimately, Panzak became an Ally to the Coldain people, and one day made the crossing to visit Thurgadin, the Coldain capital located in The Great Divide. As a Hobbit, he found the Dwarven city quite comfortable and the residents hospitable, providing nearly all the supplies he required to pursue development in nearly all trade skills. (At this time, Panzak is a master of all of the known trades, and is approaching Grandmaster status in several including Jewelcraft and Fletching.)

Panzak's war against the Frost Giants not only gained him Ally status with the Coldain, but also improved his standing with the dragons of the Claws of Veeshan. Eventually his reputation improved to the point where he could actually speak with these ferocious creatures. He learned that this group of dragons - like the Coldain - would further improve his equipment if he would but help them in their fight against the common enemy, the Frost Giants and their minions. And so Panzak did just that, using his magic and even lending an occasional hammer blow to further their now-common cause.

From his base in Thurgadin, it is just a short journey via PanzAir to Cobalt Scar, where Veeshan itself rent the earth on the continent of Velious. Since that time, it has mostly filled with water, and now stands as a lethal harbor for any who venture nearby. The ridges and beaches that ring the bay provide an excellent hunting ground, well-adapted to a Druid's most productive fighting styles. Panzak spent his entire Sixth Decade in Cobalt Scar, fighting the Wyverns, Cobalt Drakes, a few Sirens, the Bulthar, and yes, even a few Othmir. (Panzak has since regretted his brief war against these peaceful sea creatures, and to this day denies he is guilty of clubbing baby seals, using powerful magiks instead. He has also done much to repair his reputation with them, and continues to this day).

Many fine and wonderful things have also happend to Panzak in Cobalt Scar.

One day in May, 2002, a Shadow Knight and a Mage perished in Cobalt Scar and had no means of securing resurrection on their own. To help them avoid a serious loss of experience, Panzak went on a mission of mercy to Thurgadin to secure a Cleric of sufficient skill to ressurect them properly. As fate would have it, the Cleric he begged help from was not only a Guildmate of one of the fallen warriors, but also the leader of that guild, Equilibrium. This selfless act gained the then Level 51 Druid an invitation to join the Equilibrium, despite the fact that the Guild was closed to all below level 54, and closed to Druids of any level.

As a member of Equilibrium, Panzak has helped many of his Guildmates, and all have helped him. They cheered for him when, on June 24th, 2002, four Bulthar simultaneously fell to his spells, and his accumulated accomplishments propelled him to the highest level, a Level 60 Heirophant.

Later that same day, nearly 30 of his Guildmates dedicated three hours of their time to travel far into Timorous Deep to help slay the dragon Faydedar on his behalf, completing his Epic Quest, and gaining for him the Nature Walker's Scimitar. The Scimitar's powerful magical qualities helped strengthen Panzak in many ways, although he admits in confidence that he has much to learn about one-hand slashing techniques before he can use it effectively as a proper sword.

Panzak spends his time now helping other Guildmates (in particular Panior) get stronger so they can defend Norrath from the more powerful enemies that lurk on and beneath the surface, and, yes, even on Norrath's moon, Luclin. As a result of his Guildship with Equilibrium, and his status as Ally of the Coldain and Claws of Veeshan, Panzak continues to get stronger himself, and looks forward to many exciting adventures in the future.

I'm a Myrmidon. A Warrior tried and true, and a subordinate who executes orders unquestioningly. Those orders come from the Legendary Little One, Panzak. I fight those he marks, and as I protect him he protects me.

Together we have done a lot. Such I have been told. More I need not know.