For Hooper, with Fondest Memories . . .
 The *Pup* . . .  . . . grows ears!!
 Hooper at about 6 weeks of age. The source of the
"Hooper Theory" (from "Sasha's Tale" by Jacqueline
Damian), Hoop slipped out in the wake of his sister
Glacier's stretching of mother Blaze's birth canal.
Having been spared any birth trauma, Hoop went
through life with the attitude "This is easy for me, I
must be great". He was.
Hooper at 3 months. This is an awkward age for Siberian Husky Pups. Up to 4 or 5 weeks, their ears are not erect but are folded over at the top instead. Once the ears stand up straight, it seems they are so proud that they just keep on growing. By 3 months . . . well, . . . a Husky's ears have gone through an adolescent growth spurt that their bodies know nothing about. While the various ear stages may bother novice breeders and prospective owners, it doesn't seem to bother Siberian Huskies at all.

 Hooper could kick back at home . . .  . . . or on the road with mother Blaze.
Hooper's favorite spot at home. From here he would scan the yard, equally prepared to eliminate intruding cats, birds, squirrels, and possums . . . or to welcome visiting humans! Very much at home in South Carolina, Hoop showed mother Blaze how to watch for the tide to go out so they could alert us that the beach was available for patrolling.

 Hooper . . . meet your son, Orion!  Beach Adventure!
 Hooper became more interested in the birth process as the litter progressed. Orion was the third-born, and by this time it was easy to get Hoop to come in and say hello.    Nexus, Orion, and Merlin are young enough that we can still catch them! But they stayed close to dad.

 The water's fine . . .   . . . but this is how we'll remember him.
 Hoop took to the ocean . . . at least up to his chest!    But he preferred the snow, of course, and this striking pose as a teenager is burned into our memory.