Hi! I'm Orion, and it's my birthday!   My first meal . . . not bad!
I started out as a pup . . . on April 26, 1998. It only took three hours of waiting for my brother Merlin and sister Nexus to clear the way for me.   There's only three of us, so there's plenty of food to go around. But it still takes some jousting to find an available meal.

 It smells like food, but . . . !    Me and Merlin . . . chillin'!
OK, now I've seen enough to tell you that I'm the cute dark one with the smaller white mark on my forehead. Brother Merlin has a bigger white spot, and another one on his back. We look like Hooper, our dad, while sister Echo looks like mother Kodi.   We rode in a car for 13 hours to get here, and tasted our first hamburgers along the way. Walking on the beach is fun, but it's really hot. Me and Merlin got this cool air vent . . . Nexus is just gonna have to find a different one.

 No Red-eye here!    About time we had some snow!
Orion is 1 year old here. The color of his eyes causes a green rather than a red reflection when hit with a flash.   Orion is 2 1/2 years old here. Like all Huskies, he loves snow and is seemingly oblivious to the cold.