6 Weeks 2 Months 3 Months
At this age, Storm looks a bit like a teddy bear. There's some color on her head, but her body is virtually "white". From the beginning, Storm has been the agressor. Her need to play with Orion is continuous. We're glad it's him, not us or our house! By now her ears and nose have grown and now appear prominent. Colors darken a bit and begin to appear on her body.
  6 Months  7 Months

 10 Months
At 6+ months the the head has caught up to the ears, but not quite up to the nose. The red shades on the head and upper neck are less prominent, and the gray color is established. Storm adopts the typical Husky "Over Easy" pose, and displays little regard for tan lines! She may be at rest, but the eyes betray the relentless intensity.

 17 Months

They say Huskies shed twice a year, but it seems more often than that! Here she blows her undercoat for the second or third time.